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The 2016 top seller Lilash purified eyelash growth serum,redefine how long,lush lashes can power a woman's look.giving you the sexy lashes you have always expected,the global women are crazy obsessed with Lilash brand.Formulated by a physician to improve the length and curl of natural eyelashes in a safe and healthy way.natural ingredients,no irritating, no redness.absence of side effect.

Lilash purified eyelash growth serum is a revolutionary eyelash conditioning products, transfroms the thin, demaged and short eyelashes become more longer, darker as well as strong ones,you will never believe the Lilash serum will bring so magic result.your eyelashes change will be noticed gradually in as little as three weeks.Continued use for four to six weeks and watch your lashes growth quickly.It's a advisable method to turn your eyelash through Lilash serum.

Lilash serum is the most powerful and fastest eyelash conditioner that has become many people's favorite eyelash products.This is the authorized official store for selling Lilash serum online, Authentic and natural Liash products will be suppied and more guarantee make you have a nice shopping experience on our site.Generally,Use LiLash once daily for 8-12 weeks.reducing twice a week once you are satisfied with your lashes.Please look at the application Instructions when you use the Lilash serum.

LiLash – Magic Juice For Your Lashes

LiLash eyelash serum - available at Rubywaxx, Auckland.

LiLash eyelash serum – available at Rubywaxx, Auckland.

Used daily for 4 – 6 weeks, this magic conditioning serum will give the appearance of the longest, fullest lashes you have ever had.

Just like Magic! LiLash is applied daily as you would a normal liquid eyeliner. Be patient and in about 4 to 6 weeks your follicles will be conditioned to absolute beauty.

LiLash is the world’s most powerful and fastest-acting eyelash conditioning serum.

The no-salt, non-irritating formula sets LiLash apart from all other products.

LiLash is a favourite of eyelash extension wearers who notice better support and less lash breakage.


Nothing is sexier than gorgeous, dramatic eyes. Now your own, conditioned real lashes are the ultimate accessory. Start using today and luxurious lashes will be yours, with the highest quality, fastest-acting follicle conditioning serum ever developed.

And when friends ask you how you do it, just say “It’s the magic juice for your lashes, it’s LiLash! ”


LiLash + your short, brittle lashes = extreme eyelash magic. Experience the single most important cosmeceutical product of its kind. LiLash gives you the ultimate in conditioning, that magic means twice the lash in half the time.

Every day you will use less mascara and have the appearance of more lashes. This is the perfect eyelash conditioning serum! It’s that easy.


Physician formulated, LiLash Purified Conditioning Serum is the latest innovation in cosmetic science. It is the purest and least irritating eyelash conditioning serum and for even the most sensitive eyes.

Try the fastest-acting and highest-quality cosmeceutical eyelash conditioner today. LiLash fans and doctors agree, it gives you longer appearing and thicker lashes like nothing else available.


What’s the secret to long eyelashes? Our incredible Lash Enhancing Factor, that’s the Magic. Use LiLash daily as instructed and within weeks your conditioned follicles will give the appearance of dramatically longer and fuller eyelashes.

This is the most powerful product for eyelash follicle conditioning. LiLash is non-irritating.